About 3G Harmony

3G Harmony is a Canadian group. The group consist of 3 sisters, Goreth, Gaëlle and Génika. They started to harmonize together since their young age. Their passion led them to dedicate themselves to music.

Growing up at church, these young women have been involved in their church community, and can remember singing in various choirs, festivals, and other community events.

Singing together for over ten years, the group began actively pursuing their music career while participating in various events in their hometown. They were awarded for their performance in the talent show of a local community center called ‘‘Monnaie Money’’. In September 2012, they signed up for a TV show at Radio-Canada, ‘‘Un Air de Famille’’, where families get a chance to sing on TV. They were in the top 2 in the finals.

Their music is a mixture of many styles: Gospel, Pop and R&B. The dynamic trio of talented singers performed on stage with several local and national artists. Their album is already eagerly awaited by many fanatics.
Ultimately, 3G harmony primary goal is to touch, inspire and encourage all audiences through their music.